About Podcasts


What are podcasts?

An audio podcast is very much like a radio show, but rather than listening to it via a radio station only at a scheduled time, you either listen to it on your computer (streaming from a host website) or you download it from a free service such as iTunes (for both PCs and Macs) for later listening on your computer or mobile device (cell phone, iPod, etc.). In a nutshell, podcasting is a way for listeners to receive audio content on demand, similar to what TIVO or DVR is to television content. Listeners can subscribe to a podcast to automatically receive each new program (episode) of the podcast as soon as it is published online. The listener is able to control when and where he or she listens to the podcast.

How can I listen to the Andy's Treasure Trove podcast?

You basically have these choices:

1. Listening online: Use your browser to go to my website ( http://www.andystreasuretrove.com ) and navigate to the Podcast page and then click on one of the episodes and eventually it should begin to play and descriptive text and photos will appear lower on the episode’s page. This method (listening online) is good if you have a fast enough connection so that the program plays smoothly without gaps, and/or if you want to view the photos and videos on my site (or do anything else on your computer) while you listen to the episodes. But this method of listening isn't optimal because you must stay near your computer while listening, and most computer speakers aren’t good enough to give you the quality stereo audio experience that better speakers or even cheap headphones (which you can plug right into your computer) will afford. If you do choose this method and you have trouble getting an episode to play, click HERE to listen via iTunes or HERE to listen via Google Play.

  1. 2.Listening via iTunes or Google Play: click HERE to listen via iTunes or HERE to listen via Google Play. If you have subscribed either place, look for episodes in your computer and other devices.

Thanks, and happy listening! After listening, please leave comments at 415-508-4084.